With over 70 units all of varying sizes we can accommodate most types of businesses. Our license fees include many of the costs associated with occupying commercial premises, with no long term tenancy agreements. This leaves you more time to concentrate on making your business a success.Included in our services (some of which have a small charge) are:

  • Consultancy
  • Conference Room
  • Central Reception which includes a message taking facility
  • photocopying and word processing
  • Producing business plans
  • Insurance advice
  • Vehicle parking
  • CCTV and excellent security measures

Accommodation Examples

As these photos show, we cover a range of applications from storage to office to manufacturing. We can just about cover all of our clients and prospective clients immediate requirements, all at affordable prices.

Talk to us about your business needs whether your business is just starting, growing, ongoing, at whatever stage talk to us about the space you need.

Accommodation Examples
Accommodation Examples
Accommodation Examples