Why flexible business premises are ideal in challenging economic times

The last month has been a whirlwind of financial turmoil for the country, making an already anxious consumer populace and the business community more fearful of growing inflation. Here at Sparkenhoe Business Centre, we provide commercial units with the flexibility you need to help keep costs down.

Energy costs in commercial properties

With the government cancelling the increase in business rates for 2022/23, the policy move provided some relief for business owners. Still, there has been less support for rising energy costs, with engineering and manufacturing firms being hit particularly painfully. Here at Sparkenhoe Business Centre, we supply the background heating while the individual commercial properties are on a metre. Hiring one of our commercial units can help manage your energy costs as you will only pay for what you use rather than operating a more expensive shop or production area.

Rolling licenses

We operate a rolling license for our business premises, which offers our licensees the flexibility that a commercial lease doesn’t. It means if you find yourself unable to afford the payments, you don’t have to negotiate your way out of a contract with your landlord or pay a hefty termination fee.

Why choose Sparkenhoe Business Centre?

We are a non-profit company whose licensees value our keen sense of customer service and willingness to deliver something well-suited to your needs and budget. We are excellently situated, with superb road and rail links, a secure car park and access control, a telephone answering service and a free-to-use conference room. So, contact us today to enquire about one of our commercial units.